Smart Wearable


Cardiac Monitoring

MediTrack Wearable is a patented BPoC (Blood Pressure on Chip) based werable technology for monitoring cardiac health. It's unique algorithm calculates various Cardiac parameters shows the data in werable screen and in smart-phone app.

MediTrack App is a companion smart-phone app for data logging, visualization and reporting. This is connected with patented cloud hosted web-services for analysis, alert and monitoring.

*Note, the readings shown by the werable & app are indicative. The diagnosis and medical treatment should not be based on these values. Please use medically certified instruments for actual diagnosis and medical advice/treatment.

    Cardiac Monitoring (wearable/resting-condition)
  • HR : Heart rate
  • SPo2 : Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation
  • BP : Blood Pressure (Systolic & Diastolic)
  • SV : Cardiac stroke volume
  • CO : Cardiac output
  • Highly optimized PPG sensors
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) transport

  • Companion app (Android)
  • Automatic callibration of wearable (Ring)
  • Real time data visualization
  • Itemized data graph/chart
  • FOTA : Firmware upgradation
  • PPG data logging and analytics in MediTrack cloud
  • Cloud integration : GoogleFit, S-Health

  • Ultra light design
  • Waterproof, all day wearing
  • Fast charging from USB
  • Magnetic snap-on charger
  • Advanced sensor
  • Embedded algorithm
  • IEEE 1708-BP for wearable compliance for accuracy*
  • 3.7V 40mA lithium battery
  • Dimension: w22.5 x L25.5 x H33.5 mm
  • Weight: 8 gram

  • MediTrack (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Edition) works exclusively on Samsung S7 Edge. Using S7's inbuild HRM sensor, you can check your cardiac parameter on the go.

  • Fast and accurate calculation of cardiac parameters
  • IEEE 1708-BP compiled algorithm
  • Integration with Meditrack Cloud services
  • Automatic calibration and machine learning for personalized output
  • Real time data visualization
  • No need for any external device/wearables

  • We are currently in BETA. If you are interested to get a preview access of the APP, send us Email with following :

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location : city, state, country
  • Occupation
  • A summary : why you want to use the app.
  • Salient Features

    Patented BPoC Technology

    Smart wearable device for monitoring cardiac health.

    Optimized Algorithm

    Algorithm based on big-data analysis and machine learning for accuracy.

    Smart Phone App

    Android & iPhone app for data visualization and cloud connect.

    Integration with Cloud

    Seamless integration, Google Fit, Samsung S-Health.

    Analysis & Reporting

    Realtime data transmission, analysis and reporting in Cloud.

    Alert & Notification

    24x7 monitoring, alert generation & notification services.

    Data Visualization

    SmartPhone & Web UI for data visualization & reporting.

    FOTA & Calibration

    Automated algorithm update and data calibration capability.

    Meet the team

    MediTrack is developed by a highly motivated team of individuals with diverse background and compitencies. Our team has decade of experience in developing award winning software and appliance products. We are here again thinking differently.

    Dr Ehud Baron

    Ehud, the man behind the novel wearable devices. He was a university professor in Technion, European universities and hospitals, as well as in UC Berkeley and Stanford. He is the pioneer in developing IR lasers through scattering and targeted drug delivery, therapeutic ultrasound and mHealth , non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring and integrated personal vital signs cardiovascular monitoring. He has almost 50 inventions and patents to his name.


    Dr. Ehud Baron

    Chief Scientist

    Archan Paul

    Archan is a philanthropist, innovator and entrepreneur. He is the principal technologist behind award winning software and embedded products. He is interested in OS design, open-source techonologies and green-technology innovations.


    Archan Paul

    Solution Architect

    Soumya Pal

    Soumya is an Android and web technology specialist. He was instrumental in development of products which won innovation awards in CES. He is interested on "anything mobile".


    Soumya Pal

    Mobility Lead

    Dr. Toshiyuki Kubota

    Toshi is an entreprenuer, technology expert & surgeon. He is one of the pioneer of Linux and embedded technology in Japan. His interest ranges from nano-tech, medical electronics and robotics.


    Dr. Toshi Kubota

    Advisor, Japan sales.


    Contact us

    Concardio, Inc.

    Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center bldg.10,000 Cedar Av. Cleveland, OH 4416, USA

    Arputer Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    81 Saradappli Sector-2, Makhla, Dist Hooghly, Kolkata, West Bengal 712245, INDIA

    X-Cardio Corp. KK

    Aoyama Palacio Tower, 11F 3-6-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN.